Hopscotch – Hopscotch

HOPSCOTCH on Pok Pok RecordsHopscotch   
Pok Pok presents HOPSCOTCH. Vocalist, producer & composer of electro pop future bass music. Hopscotch’s self-titled debut album is a modern retro oeuvre showcasing her diversity in vocal and musical style. The tones and feelings presented are polished with sexy grit and laced with simplicity. The music itself is a hand crafted quilt of electric beats, rainbows of melody, lyrics that evoke the heart and a voice that breaks the chains of the everyday.

It’s a “once upon a time” story. A spirited child of the 80’s & 90’s in the emerald city of Seattle began performing at the age of 5, the spark became a flame and she’s been known by many names. A craving for crowds far and wide inspired a migration toward a sunny nest in Oakland circa 2004. Traveling the world with a synth & a song, she has gathered treasures from an array of musical influences & experiences to develop her curiously accessible sound.

Executive producer Rena Jones masterfully paired producer, singer and songwriter Christopher Norman (nicknamed in the studio “Mr. Killingsworth”) to finish the album with Hopscotch. Enhanced by collaborations including guest producers Sleepyhead on Umbrella, Splatinum on Human & Releece on “the baby maker,” Wouldn’t You. Featuring a tasteful cello performance by Rena Jones on Rare Breed & indie-soul artist iamani i.ameni from Oakland on Lock Pick.

This is a howl at the moon feel good album. “Grab your chalk stix and rocks,,, It’s Hopscotch!”